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Here you can listen to the songs from the album 'Made In Metal' and the new unreleased song 'The Battle Of Kalascha'

'Made In Metal' Album Description

The first and long awaited official studio album, 'Made In Metal' is finally here!
For a long time Tombstone has wanted to make a real studio album. Due to the fact that three of the band members have studied audio engineering
they wanted to make the album themselves. And by "make", they mean doing the whole thing (recording, mixing and production) on their own.
In this way they got the sound they wanted and not a sound like everyone else.

Track Listing:
1. Gravedigger (5.19)
2. Rising From The Dead (3.42)
3. Soldiers Of Metal (5.10)
4. Burn The Witch (5.43)
5. Heaven Is Waiting (4.41)
6. Evil Woman (5.45)
7. Sin By Sin (5.42)
8. Made In Metal (5.07)
9. Devil's Cross (5.44)
10. The Alligator (3.52)

All songs were written by Kenneth "Bullet" Nylund except 'Gravedigger' and 'Sin By Sin' that were written by
Kenneth "Bullet" Nylund and Mattias "Scaleman" Sjöholm.

The album consists of ten tracks and the first track 'Gravedigger' starts off fast and groovy with the taste of death.
Second comes 'Rising From The Dead' which goes from a sweet melodic beginning and finnishes with total heavy mayhem.
The third track, 'Soldiers Of Metal' is the "in your face" heavy track of the record and feels like a kick to the groin.
Fourth song, 'Burn The Witch' is one of the darker and more evil sounding tracks.
Track nr. five, 'Heaven Is Waiting' is a power ballad about friends who have passed away.
Number six is 'Evil Woman' which is a very melodic and catchy song.
The Seventh song, 'Sin By Sin' is one of the faster and more energetic songs on the record.
Number eight is the title track of the album called 'Made In Metal' and this one is very heavy and groovy.
The ninth track, 'Devil's Cross' is one of the darker and more complex songs.
The tenth and final track is called 'The Alligator' which is catchy and one of the lighter songs of the album.

The album was released 15.5.2010.

You can buy the album as a CD from the MERCHANDISE section or buy it as a digital download from CDBABY