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Tombstone IS the rebirth of TRUE HEAVY METAL! The band Tombstone, with the current line-up, saw daylight around year 2006 in the mysterious woods of Ostrobothnia on the Finnish west coast. But it all began when Kenneth Nylund and Mattias Sjöholm started jamming together sometime around year 2001. After playing together for a couple of years they decided to make things more serious and around year 2003, they found the drummer Simon Åbacka.

After a long search for a bass player the band finally got a hold of Mats Lövdahl for the SÖU ROCK festival 2005 in Molpe. At this time Kenneth Nylund and Mattias Sjöholm were studying Sound Technology at Lappfjärds Folkhögskola. In this school they met guitarist Johan Granström, who also was studying Sound Technology. Later on bassist Thomas Knipström attended the music program at the same school and after listening to one of the demos he was interested in joining the band as Mats Lövdahl was unavailable. So in the early 2006 Tombstone got a hold of these two to complete the band.


From day one, Tombstone has been a TRUE Heavy Metal band and the musical influences are highly affected by great bands from the 70’s and 80’s,
such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar, Dio etc. With studded leather uniforms, roaring guitars, thundering bass & drums and screaming vocals
the band is staying true to the real image and attitude of classic heavy metal. Due to having three guitarists in the line-up, Tombstone does not only
offer heavy headbanging riffs, but very melodic music as well. The message of the band is to fight for what you believe in and never give up.

The first official studio album 'MADE IN METAL', was released 15.5.2010 and was recorded, mixed and produced by the band itself in their own studio.
Due to the fact that three of the band members are audio engineers they wanted to make the album themselves.

- The battle has begun and the army of Metal is marching as ONE!