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posted: May 11 2012

Tombstone will perform at the SöuRock festival that will be held in Oravais/Oravainen this year on the 9th of June. Be there!

Check out new song and vote!

posted: January 4 2012

Tombstone has entered the Radio Rock competition Rockstarba with a new song called 'The Battle Of Kalascha' from the upcoming album.
Go check it out, vote and feel free to leave a comment on the wall!

This is how you register and vote:

1. Click HERE and you will hear the song and be taken to the site.

2. Click on "Register and Log In", down in the right corner.

3. If you have facebook you click on "Sign Up using Facebook".
Otherwise you can use the "Sign Up" button.

4. After you have signed up and are logged in you go vote to the same address you used before, HERE

5. To vote press on the stars underneath our band picture.
If you press the star furthest to the right that means 10 stars.

Then you're done!

And if you are a true warrior of metal you will share this to all of your friends!

Vote True Metal and thank you for your support!

The battle has begun and the army of Metal is marching as ONE!

Thank You!

posted: August 7 2011

A mighty THANK YOU to the brave Metal Heads who showed up at the Åminne Festival!

Battle of Åminne

posted: July 6 2011

On the 6th of August 2011 Tombstone will gather its troops and conquer Åminne Festival @ Åminne Folkpark.
Tombstone will kick off the festival 13.00. Be there or Die!!!

In The Studio

posted: March 25 2011

The band has entered the studio ones again and started recording for the next album.
Drums have already been recorded and bass is almost finished.
By the way... you can now order MERCHANDISE from our site!


posted: November 23 2010

Thanks to all you metal maniacs who joined and rocked with us at Café J&P last night! It was a night filled with glory!

Live @ Café J&P

posted: October 12 2010

With studded leather uniforms, roaring guitars, thundering bass & drums and screaming vocals Tombstone will kick some ass at Café J&P,
Närpiö 20.11.2010! Both covers and own material will pierce your metal hearts during the night. Be there!

Buy The Album

posted: September 24 2010

Now you can buy the album, 'Made In Metal' as a digital download(mp3) from CDBABY.COM !
If you want to order the album as a cd go to MERCHANDISE


posted: September 18 2010

We've entered another competition called Hitlantis.
The most popular Hitlantis bands/artists will win live gigs in real festivals and events in front of thousands of people.
Give us a couple of listens to support the band! Hitlantis


posted: August 25 2010

It's a shame that all who came to see us at Tomatrock didn't get the full show that we had planned.
We did however have a hell of a time playing for you guys before the rain took over.
Thank you!


posted: August 12 2010

Tombstone will enter the stage 22.00 at Tomatrock in Närpes 13.8.2010.

The Queen on Rockstarba

posted: August 2 2010

Just found out that the song, "The Queen" is through to the semifinals in the Radio Rock - Rockstarba competition.
We need your help so go in and vote ! All you have to do is to click on the stars ... Click HERE to go to the page.


posted: August 1 2010

Hope you guys who came to Lidstock enjoyed the show. Thank you for your support!


posted: July 25 2010

Tombstone will enter the stage 17.00 at Lidstock in Kristinestad 31.7.2010!

Listen to the new album!

posted: June 20 2010

You can now listen to the new album, 'Made In Metal' in the media section!


posted: June 14 2010

Thanks to all headbangers who came to SöuRock and to everyone else that supports the band. We Love you all! True Fuckin' Metal Will Never Die!

Video clips

posted: May 26 2010

Added some video clips from the Åminne gig to the media section.


posted: May 19 2010

Tombstone would like to thank all who came to the Åminne gig! The next gig will be @ SöuRock in Oravais 11.6.2010.
Tombstone will also be performing @ Tomatrock in Närpes 13.8.2010!

Ronnie James Dio

posted: May 17 2010

The father of metal with a voice and name of a GOD.
The hero of our band that wouldn't be here today if it weren't for you.
Thank you for everything.
You will be sorely missed.
Ronnie James Dio forever in our hearts!
\,,/ \,,/


posted: April 20 2010

The first and long awaited official studio album 'MADE IN METAL', is finally here! For a long time, Tombstone has wanted to make
a real studio album. And by "make", they mean doing the whole thing by themselves (recording, mixing and production).
By doing this they get their own sound as they want it and not a sound like everyone else! In order to accomplish this they needed
new recording equipment, a place to record the album and a lot amount of time.

The recordings started late 2007 and has been on and off untill 2009. The songs are the best of the older material. For example
"Rising From The Dead", is one of the first songs that was written by Tombstone. All songs were slightly re-arranged to get the total feel
and power of the bands potential.

The record was mastered by Anders Höglund at Midas Studios in Vaasa.

Pictures added

posted: March 18 2010

Pictures from the Ritz gig have been added to the Gallery.

Confirmed Gigs

posted: March 16 2010

At the moment Tombstone has two confirmed gigs! The first will be @ Åminne Folkpark, Malax 15.5.2010.
The next will be @ SöuRock, Oravais 11.6.2010. There will be more info later...


posted: Feruary 16 2010

We would like to thank all of you who visited our gig @ RITZ a couple days ago! Thanks!

Some minor tweaks on the website has also been done!

Live @ RITZ

posted: January 12 2010

Tombstone will be perfoming live @ Ritz in Vaasa on Friday the 12th of February 2010. The gig starts at 20.30 and the entrance is 7€

We hope seeing you there!

Nummirock Demosetä competition

posted: December 1 2009

Tombstone has entered the Nummirock Demosetä competition, where 8 bands will be chosen to play at the Nummirock Heavy Metal Festival 2010.
To support Tombstone click here!

Pictures and demos added

posted: November 16 2009

Some pictures have been added to the gallery and some demos were added to the media section.

Blood Diamond on Radio X3M's "Osajnat"

posted: November 11 2009

The new demo, Blood Diamond, has been added to Radio X3M's "Osajnat" competition. Go here and vote!

New Demo!

posted: October 14 2009

The newest demo "Blood Diamond" can be downloaded from the media section. The website is currently under construction so the older demos will be added soon. Stay tuned!